FW550S - Flow Pack Machines

The new FW series of automatic packaging machines with flow pack system, designed according to Industry 4.0 and IoT (Internet of Things) technological platforms, is the family of machines that completes the SMIPACK range. This low speed version is equipped with a cross sealing bar controlled by an intermittent motion servomotor. It is available in 4 models (two with upper reel and two with lower reel) and packs different types of items (even large-sized) in packages made up of simple or coupled flexible material (including polyethylene/polyolefin film) with a maximum output of 40 products/minute.

The simplified format changeover, the three pairs of wheels with pneumatic opening which carry out the dragging, longitudinal sealing and film folding operations, and a dynamic or adjustable conformer complete with accessories make these packaging machines the ideal solution for packing a wide range of long-life products (through injection of gas or nebulization of preservative flavorings) with different dimensions and heights, coming from several sectors.

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