Shrink Sleeve NORTAN 35 for a production of 3.500 B/H

The sleeve is a moulded tubular thermal plastic film with great resistance and flexibility and can be applied quickly, both as a decoration of 360 degrees and a guarantee seal on an endless series of containers of different materials and shapes.
It is a forefront solution to give a more appealing and newer look to your products and also ensure their integrity.
The Nortan machine provides the best advantages through its sleeve decoration and sealing, thanks to sleeve’s positioning with great precision, speed, and reliability offered by a forefront technology and easy programming.
It is equipped with an automatic dispenser able to cut the guarantee ring, the entire, or partial, sleeve made from a PVC film for applying it and sealing it onto a jar or bottle through the use of a tunnel of hot air or steam.
Furthermore, the machine is equipped with an electronic device to change the ring length, a motor gear with an inverter, a frame completely coated with stainless steel, an electrical board and stainless steel safety guards.

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