WPS 600R automatic wrap around case packer with in-line infeed

The WPS series of automatic wrap-around case packer are suitable for packing a wide range of products in tray, open case, closed case, shelf-ready or display and for meeting the highest production standards and quality regulations.

Its compact design reduces the need for large spaces for installation and the extensive use of high-tech components enables to reach high productions in a short time. The WPS case packers allow to work three different types of cardboard: micro corrugated, corrugated and kraft, and can reach productions up to 25 packs/minute.


Beverage industry (milk, water, soft drinks, etc.), preserved foods (tomatoes, pickle, sauces, etc.), edible oil, aerosols, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, shampoo-detergents, oil lubricants, logistic, co-packers.

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