BMK 2600

BMK series versions are available for:
ULTRACLEAN by means of laminar flow to fill fruit juice, compote, yoghurt and dairy products
RETORT (BR) for pre-made pouches or from reel, by means of sterilization by autoclave.
 The machine can produce pouches designed for consumer convenience such as:
 - Corner top or front valve fitments in simplex or duplex version to pack liquids
 - Re-closable zipper (simplex or duplex version) to pack solid products.
 - Refreshing towelette dispenser in simplex or duplex mode for chemical or cosmetic applications.
 - The model BMK 2600 is able to manufacture pouches with a drinking straw inside by means of a straw inserter dosing unit.
 The machines robust design offers excellent performance features. It can make pouches of up to 2,5 litres filling capacity or achieve a high production output of 160 pouches per minute, depending on the configuration. The sealing groups are motorized and accessible from the machine PLC for an easy and quick machine changeover.

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