A new generation of battery-driven strapping hand tool with display for pre-selection.

Simple, fast and light

Fully automatic and semi-automatic mode with pushbutton for tensioning, welding and cutting off the strap

Simple to adjust with 3 modes of operation depending on type and size of the product

Up to 4.000 Newton (CHT 400) and 2.500 Newton (CMT 250) tension force for PET strap*

Soft Mode to 1.600 Newton (CHT 400) and 1.500 Newton (CMT 250) tension force for PP strap*

Unlimited mobility

Light weight means comfortable operation

Environmentally friendly and innovative

Newest environmentally friendly battery technology

Long life Li-lon battery without memory

High amount of strapping cycles per battery charge*

Cyklop CMT 250 Cyklop CHT 400

Technical Data Weight: 3,9 kg (incl. battery) 

Dimensions (LxWxH) 334 x 138 x 148 mm 

Tension force: (0) 900 - 2.500 N 

Soft: (0) 400 - 1.500 N 

Tension speed: 220 mm/s 

Friction weld seal Friction weld seal

Insertion: Strap on strap 

Strapping Material Type: PET and PP 

Width: 12-16 mm 

Thickness: 0,5-1,12 mm 

Technical Data: Battery Li-Ion-Battery (Bosch): 14,4 V / 2,6 Ah 

Charging time: approx. 15-30 min

No. of cycles per battery: 400

Charger voltage: 100 V, 110 V, 230 V

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