XPV_111_MVB Vertical and Horizontal Strapping Systems Modular Structure.

With three fundamentally different types we offer alternatives for selecting the optimal strapping for each individual requirement.

The modules are manufactured in series, each under the same specifications

and with the same precision. The results are reliability and low service requirements.

The basic version of all machines consists of a base frame, tensioning and sealing

head CFH-1, a strap guide and strap dispenser KA-4 for storage,

all as standard modules.


Established and proven technology

over a 1,000 times.

Optimal strapping results

through high tensioning and

holding force up to 5,500 N.

High compression of the

package, if necessary.

Modular construction and thus

reproducible results.

Easily integrated into existing

conveyor systems.

Strapping chute frame is adapted

to customer requirements.

Equipped with the leading

strapping technology, the

Cyklop CFH-1 strapping head

including multi-stage


The strap chute will, depending on the load measurements, be assembled on the principle of raster technology.

All machine functions are electronically controlled per programme and shown on a display or 5.7” touch panel.

The machines will be built in one of the two following versions:

As XF-model: The strap chute is permanently closed

As XP-model: The so-called lance of the strap chute – running close to the floor – can be withdrawn per motor.

This version is required if the straps are to be guided between the skids of the pallet on the floor.

All machines comply with machine regulations 2006/42/EG.

Depending on the type of application, further standard modules may be integrated:

Driven strapping head

The load doesn’t have to be positioned

for the strapping head as the

head moves automatically on to the


Strap tensioning equaliser

The strap tension is distributed evenly

around the load.

The holding force is increased.

Strap dispenser KA-4 Tandem

The dual strap storage and the

space-saving arrangement of the coils next to each other offer

unique advantages for the fully automatic

strapping machines with high


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