CSR-Ring Strech Wrapper


 CRS fully Automatic

The advantages at a glance!

Stable base frame with just two


No electrical components on the

rotating ring.

Film stretching up to 250%. Adjustable

with easy-to-exchange gearwheels.

Automatic system for monitoring the

drive belt tension shown on the


The film roll can weight up to 40 kg

and therefore has a running time

3 times longer than that of

standard rolls.

Compact design – low transport

costs, simple assembly

The world's only stretch wrapper that controls the pre-stretching system with an

externally mounted drive unit. (world-wide patent)

As a result, there are no electronic components, slip rings or generators on the rotating ring.

Achieves up to 140 pallets/hour, as also available as a Twin version.

The film is not cut off and sealed on the package. Therefore, also suitable for uneven pallet loads.

Film stretching system: Power Roller Stretch (PRS)

Film pre-stretching up to 250%. Adjustable with easy-to-replace gearwheels in ideally matched


The stretching rollers are coated with a special surface (polyurethane), enabling any film residues

to be easily removed.

The stretching system is extremely simple to load with film.


CSR 9120 120 pallets/hour

CSR Twin 140 pallets/hour


Top platen

Top film dispenser integrated

Cording roll (reduction of the film width to the cord in order to ensure a higher

stabilisation of the load)

Automatic, vertical edge protector applicator

The film end is cut off and folded in at the end of the wrapping cycle

Also suitable for net films.

Automatic fall protection for the ring

Technical data:

Min. wrapping height (standard): 500 mm +/- 50 mm

Max. Rotating speed: 65/70 rpm

Total output: 12 kW (max. 13 kW)

Voltage: 400 V, 50 Hz, 3 Ph + N + PE

Protection type: IP 54

Operating pressure: 6 bar

Pre-stretching: min. 150% to 250%

Pallet dimensions:

Maximum pallet dimensions: 1,200 x 1,200 mm

1,300 x 1,100 mm

Minimum pallet dimensions: 600 x 800 mm

Standard pallet height: 2,200 mm

(additional dimensions on request)

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