Coffee processing plant


Coffee Cleaning & Blending:

The first step is thorough cleaning and removal of defective

beans, followed by blending of different types and size to

ensure best flavor.

Roasting & Grinding:

The second step is roasting through either batch or continuous roasters. Roasted coffee is reduced by grinding to suitable size.


The third step is extraction of ground coffee through a batch or continuous system either using a pressure vessel with hot

water or an alternate approach of counter-current column battery unit.

Aroma Recovery:

The extracted coffee liquor is passed through the aroma recovery plant. In the plant the volatile aroma is stripped off from the coffee before it enters the evaporator.

Concentration  :

The fifth step is concentration of the extract through multieffect

evaporators with TVR system .

Spray Drying:

The sixth step is conversion of concentrate to instant coffee

powder by spray drying. Drying is done under controlled

conditions to protect and preserve aroma and flavor. Fludized

bed dryer is coupled with the system.


Spray dried powder then converted into soluble granules in

an agglomerator tower.

Freeze Drying:

Freeze dryer retains aroma, improves appearance and taste

because freeze drying takes place at a low temperature which

minimizes heat damage and retains volatile components

(aroma). It also increases the shelf life of the dried product as

compared to standard drying practices. Freeze drying

involves dehydration of food products at low temperature

and pressure. As a result only the moisture is removed,

leaving the molecular structure intact. The end product is light

in weight with least or no change in volume. Worldwide

freeze-drying technology is considered as the ultimate

amongst all other dehydration methods. Hence this technique

is currently being used for the production of instant coffee.

Packing & Filling:

The Instant Coffee Powder is taken to the filling and packing

stage. For filling into tins or jars, vacuum operated filling

system is used. For filling into sachets, a form fill-sealing

machine is used. The filled containers / flexible packings are

then packed in the shipping cartons and sent for dispatch to

the finished goods warehouse.



Coffee processing plant

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