VEGA_120B “Sweep” depalletiser, Series of automated pallet stacking and de-stacking systems

Compact depalletiser for complete layers of product composed of product support walls, mechanical system for vertical movement of the pallet and pusher bar for evacuation of the layer onto the outfeed table.

Ideal for unstable products

Due to the product support walls and the progressive movement of the various devices.

High output in compact footprint

Excellent balance between floor-space and production rate due to the straight-forward design of the structure and the fact that the outfeed height of the layers is based upon the maximum height of the pallets that the machine needs to work with.

Possibility to automate all operations

The machine is designed so that the pallet infeed, empty pallet outfeed and layercard removal can be fully automated.


Automatic pallet infeed

Empty pallet magazine

Layercard removal device with magazine

Oval and/or rectangular product outfeed belt

Touch screen control

Supervision and teleassistance via modem


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