Horizontal High Speed Servo Flow Wrapper HP-350V


Use the machine if buck in the food industry, such as bread, chips bread, cakes, instant noodles, and also used in the pharmaceutical industry such as bottles Alsirnik, also used in the chemical industry, cosmetics and personal care, where they can use machine if Pak Packaging & Wrapping plastic products, metal and other, spoons, soap, cards, forks, paper tissues, biscuits, candy, rivet, pills, capsules, and others. see video on youtube


Food industry such as pet food, bread, bread sticks, rolls, buns, cakes, moon cakes, instant noodles.

Solid pharmaceuticals such as blister, infusion bottles.

Chemical, cosmetics and personal care.

Printing industry such as books, magazines and cards.


Auto-feeding system.

Date coder.

Stainless frame.

No product-no bag.



User-friendly human/machine interface control for convenient operations.

Dialogue type screen provides maximum operational convenience
 and is easy to learn.

Memory function makes the machine ideal for flexible packaging operations.

Self-diagnosis function, error message will shown on screen for
 easy troubleshooting.

Durable, high productivity and low noise by 3 servomotors driving system.

Auto-splicer option available for higher speed operation and cost saving.

Adjustable forming box make the production flexible.

Servo wrapper equipped with 3 independent servo motors with
 electronic control.

Overload sensing function for each servo motor prevents the parts and product from being damaged in advance.


Operating speed  10 - 250 pack/min
Bag length 50 - 700 mm
Max. film width (max. roll dia.) 350 mm
Product width (max.) 20 - 120 mm
Product height 50 mm
Main driving servomotor 1000 W AC servomotor * 3 pcs
Heater 1600 W for center sealer, 1200 W for end sealer
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