Fully automatic rotating arm wrapper Model ARM3500

wrapper Model ARM3500

The basic concept of this machine is a structure where the palletized load remains steady on a conveyor while a revolving arm, carrying the film reel holder, rotates around the load wrapping it with film. This type of machine is recommended for very unstable loads, for very heavy loads or for higher outputs than with the conventional turntable machines.
The structure consists of strongly reinforced system that holds the revolving arm, a toothed gear that ensures a high rotational speed, two robust pillars, highly reinforced, and a broad oversized mast that stabilizes and supports the overhead frame.
This mast lodges the electric, electronic and pneumatic components, with which wiring and piping are concealed and protected from external dust and dirt.
The ARM 3500 is the revolving arm machine more complete of its kind, both in equipment and performance. Its versatility enables it to be used for almost any sort of load, regardless of its features.
Technical features
2.400 mm max. wrapping height
1.300 X 1.300 mm max load dimensions (L x W)
Load weight depending on requirements
Revolving arm with soft start/stop, variable speed and return to start position
The revolving arm is controlled over a motor and vectorial inverter group that at every moment, and specially during the acceleration and braking periods, controls the position and speed of the arm, preventing any sliding and achieving a very high steering accuracy
Variable speed of reel holder carriage
3ALL system (film holding clamp, cutting and welding with dolly)
3-phase + N, 220/380 V, power supply
2,5 kW power
Variable output, depending on load features and wrapping cycle (max 70 loads/hr)
Powered film carriage
Powered film pre-stretch
Independently adjustable top/bottom reinforcing wraps program
Load height detection by photocell
Cross wrapping cycle: carriage goes up and down while wrapping
Single wrapping cycle: carriage ascends while turntable rotates slowly. Upon hitting the top, turntable rotates at the selected speed and carriage goes down thus achieving a good load unitizing and film savings
Waterproof cycle: a cross wrapping cycle that allows laying a film sheet on top of the load. It requires the fitting of an automatic TDM 1800 top sheet dispenser that lays the film on the load
Acoustic and optical warnings for operation and troubles
Prepared for electric connection to other machines or systems
Colour LCD control display with 10 customized programs. Speeds controlled by communication bus
PLC control
1.800 mm interlocked safety grids, with access door and intrusion proof muting photocells, for infeed and outfeed
Inner powered roller or chain conveyor

 Technical features
Output (depending on load features)    around 70 pallets/hr
Electric power    380V 50Hz
Pneumatic installation    6 bar
Installed power    2.5 Kw
Film holding carriage    Powered Pre-stretch
Load features
Load maximum dimensions    L 1.200 mm x W 1.200 mm
Load maximum Height    2.400 mm
Load maximum Weight    depending on needs

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