Rotary stretch-blow moulders

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The SR series of rotary stretch blow-molders ensures high performances in the stretch blow-molding of PET, PEN and PP bottles, mainly used in the “food & beverage” sector. Thanks to high-tech components, minimized maintenance and operational costs and excellent quality/price ratio, the SR series is the ideal solution for the production of plastic containers of different capacities, featuring various shapes, from the most simple to the most sophisticated ones.
  • Recovery of the preforms in excess, carried back to the hopper
  • spacer star wheels, situated both at the infeed and at the outlet of the preforms heating module, easy to replace in case of changeover
  • positively actuated valve gear control of the grippers rotary groups, by means of a double cam
  • Vertically positioned infrared lamps, grouped in various sections
  • Standard models: up to 10 infrared lamps for each section of the heating module
  • Possibility to set and modify the parameters of each lamp through the POSYC operator panel
  • Preform heating lengthwise differentiated and radially homogeneous
  • Reduction of the mandrels chain pitch to 40 mm for the standard models and to 80 mm for the HC models; according to the preform type, this reduction allows you to increase the output by about 20%, as compared to the blow-molders of the previous generation, while the preforms heating times and the heating module energy consumption remain unchanged
  • Liquid-fed cooling system, in order to cool the protection ring preventing the preforms thread deformation during the heating process
  • Air-fed cooling system, in order to keep the heating module temperature constant and low enough
  • Modular design, standardized for all stretch blow-molders models
  • cam-controlled highly reliable technology
  • standardized stretch-blowing stations for all blow-molders models, with a very low dead volume
  • liquid-fed cooling system, in order to keep the molds temperature constant
  • air recovery system supplied as a standard equipment
  • molds treated on the surface and made from a special aluminium alloy resistant to wear
  • mold-holders made from special aluminium alloy resistant to mechanical stress
  • two exhaust valves for each stretch-blowing station: the first one introduces the air into the air recovery system tank, the second one discharges the air that can not be recycled
  • considerable reduction of the energy costs and 40% saving in the compressed air consumption; thanks to the recovery system, a part of the air in the blowing circuit (40 bar) is recovered and recycled for the pre-blowing circuit (4-16 bar) and for the machine service air. The pressure of the pre-blowing circuit is controlled by an electronic adjusting device, whereas the service air circuit is controlled by manual reducers. If the pre-blowing circuit or the service air circuit do not need the recycled air, it is possible to use it for the low-pressure circuit of other external systems.
  • Use of eco-compatible, environment-friendly technology
  • Electrical panel integrated in the heating module, thus reducing the machine overall dimensions; as a consequence, the final user has got larger space to install any optional equipment or additional accessories. Moreover, the machine structure is more compact and the access to it is easier, thanks to the elimination of the power cables (air or ground cables) that are generally used for the connection with the external electrical panels
  • Use of pre-assembled and pre-tested cables
  • Fiber optics communication ring
  • SERCOS interface™ field bus

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